Thursday, June 9, 2011

Delhi University Admission Music Dept 2011-12

Delhi University (DU)

The Information Broucher and forms will be available from the 6th June 2011and the last date for receipt of completed application forms as follows:
a) B.A.(H) Music Course 27.6.2011
b) M.A. Music Course 1.7.2011
c) Two year Sangeet Shiromani Diploma Course 8 .7.2011
d) M.Phil (Music) 8.7.2011
e) One Year Certificate Course in Music to be notified (for foreigners’ Only) Separately
f) Ph.D. -do-
Dates for Admission/Practical Test:
Course Hindustani Music Karnatak Music
1. B.A.(Hons)Music 4.7.2011. (Monday 5.7.2011(Tuesday)
2. M.A. (Music) 7.7.2011 (Thursday)
8.7.2011(Friday) 8.7.2011 (Friday)
Two year Sangeet Shiromani 11.7.2011(Monday) 11.7.2011(Monday) (Wednesday)
1. M.Phil (Music) 12.7.2011(Tuesday)Theory 10.00 practical 1.00 p.m.
13.7.2011(Wednesday) 13.7.2011 (Wednesday) Practical 10.00 a.m.
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